PU Components & Systems

Ravago Chemicals is your partner in the world of polyurethanes!

We serve customers where polyurethanes are used through the supply chain and we add value by offering technical support, turnkey approach and supply effectiveness. We work with our customers active in the polyurethanes market to ensure we offer a customer centric model that is flexible.

Our dedicated technical sales team receive support from Ravago’s own lab facilities. Our product portfolio covers all the ingredients you need to make your solution work. We also work with you in new developments to overcome any hurdle you might encounter.

Our customers are found in construction, insulation, spray foam, system houses, mining, foundry, wood products, and formulators.

Our products

Slabstock Foam:  TDI, Polyether Polyols

PU Systems:  MDI, TDI with Polyester & Polyether Polyols

  • Rigid Foam

  • Flexible Foam

  • Shoe soles

  • C.A.S.E. (Coatings / Adhesives / Sealents / Elastomers)