At Ravago Chemicals, we care about your formulations for Household, Cosmetics and Industrial & Institutional Cleaning. We offer you a comprehensive portfolio from reputable sources with excellent service. Our technical experts are happy to provide you with the guidance on cost efficient raw materials, help develop solutions for your formulations and to introduce you to the newest ingredients. We are committed to sustainability and have a special focus with our partners to develop our range of natural solutions.

Our products

  • Surfactants: Nonionic (amino oxide, speciality ethoxilates), Anionic (phosphate esters, sulfosuccinates, Sarcosinates, SLS, SLES, Alphaolefins), Cationic (quats), Ampotheric (propionates)


  • Active Ingredients


  • Builders: Sodium Citrates, Phosphonates - HEDP- ATMP, Phosphates  STPP, Silicates


  • Rheologic Modifiers: Cellulose Ethers, Xanthan gum, Carbomers, Polycarboxylates, Sodium Acrylates, Opacifiers


  • Fragrances - Colorants: Perfumes, Pearliscent Mica Pigments


  • Emulsifiers & Emollients


  • Fatty acids & Esters