Asphalt Segment is entirely involved in developing and marketing engineered technical solutions connected to the asphalt industry for both paving and waterproofing. Commitment and skills are the key values that we grant thanks to our team of experts. Senior pavement and our engineers’ team have all the proficiency and capability to help our customers directly on-site.

Always keen on being side to side with our business partners with the ambition to guide them to succeed and accomplish their needs throughout our abilities in:


  • R&D and manufacture of innovative formulated chemical products.

  • Laboratory professional assistance for asphalt mix designs also PMB and bitumen emulsions recipes.

  • Technical assistance at production and job sites.

  • Partnerships with international Roads Associations and Universities.

  •  Know-how and advanced technology transfer facing towards our customers.


Asphalt Segment attends domestic markets by own sales offices and external markets through distribution network and certified agencies, focusing on Asphalt projects around Europe, CIS, Latin America, North Africa an Middle East.


Our products

  • Chemical & Physical Bitumen Modification: Adhesion promoters, Polymers (SBS, EVA, Crumb rubber), Crosslinking agent, Polyphosphoric acids, Natural asphalt, Tachy agents


  • Asphalt mix performance enhance:  Cellulose fiber, Rheological polymers,  Anti-ice, Work improvers


  • Bitumen Emulsions: Emulsifiers, Break control additive, SBR latex, Anti-sticking emulsion additive, Green solvents, Acids, Stabilizers


  • Decorative pavements & protective treatments: Granular pigments, Clear binder, Antiskid coatings, Deco and Color coatings, Anti-kerosene coatings, Soil stabilisers, Dust suppressors


  • Environmental solutions: Warm mix, Foaming agents, Green rejuvenators, Release agents & cleaners, Fumes abatement solutions


  • Miscellaneous: Crack sealants, Pothole patching, Green additive for cold mix, Percolate, Lab solvents


  • Technical Support: Laboratory and On-site technical assistance, Dosing equipment recommendation, Know-how technology transfer